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It’s been a tradition that has gone on for EVER , I’m taking about championship teams visiting the White House that’s until the 45th took office and in the past 2 1/2 years many have declined the the offer including entire teams. But those that go get …… let just say not championship treatment. I mean if i’m going to eat at the White House i’d expect it to be either a meal I’ve never had before or the best whatever I’ve ever had in my life….NOT DAMN FAST FOOD!!! Hell i can go get that anywhere, at first people thought it was a joke when Trump has every type of fast food spread out for the Clemson Tigers after they won the NCAA football crown but nope he was dead ass! At first it was because of the govt. shut down bbbbuuuutttt now it’s like a 45th tradition to serve fast food to all of his champions the latest victim was the NCAA Women’s Champ the Baylor Bears and they’re head coach couldn’t hide her disgust of the food she probably tells her player everyday to stay away from….Full Story Here

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