I never knew that the British company Entertainment One who produces kids shows like peppa pig and pj mask , is also the company that owned Death Row Records. And to find out that the company that is known for kids and kids toys is now the proud owner of one of the most notorious […]


This is why I don’t like getting food delivered … but it’s so convenient , you don’t wanna cook or you might now want to get outta of the house so you call one of these delivery services to bring your food to you. But what you don’t expect is for one of these drivers […]

The 614

This is why if you have a gun in the house and you have kids you have to either lock the gun up and keep the key on you or your spouse or you have to teach your kids gun safety and that still might not work and what’s so sad is now this family […]


It’s been a tradition that has gone on for EVER , I’m taking about championship teams visiting the White House that’s until the 45th took office and in the past 2 1/2 years many have declined the the offer including entire teams. But those that go get …… let just say not championship treatment. I […]

Soulja told the world that he was gonna take it over as soon as his electronics hit the market his Soulja watch and Soulja game console were both according to docs. on back order. So people did want to by Soulja’s product and some did pre-order their products and this was in January and customers […]


One of the best things I get the chance to do is to watch movies earlier than anyone else sometimes even before they hit the fire stick lol. How many other movie series do you know that are successful after they release the second movie? I’ll tell you not many but the Toy Story brand […]


Looks like and I hate to say it but it really looks like sooner than later Tekashi will be behind bars, a judge told him to keep his nose clean while on probation and just a week later he’s out here livin his worst life…..I believe the only way he’ll learn that the rule also […]

Damn it might be a wrap for Fab TMZ is reporting that he rapper is facing 4 felony charges because of his alleged assault on Emily B .A grand jury in New Jersey indicted the rapper last week on 1 count of domestic violence with significant bodily injury, 2 counts of threatening to kill and […]

#bigbinkshow – The word is out that Jay Z Could possibly be dropping some heat before the babies come, or maybe the same day?  Stay Tuned…confused?  Me too, check out the video below.  what is 4:44?

#bigbinkshow – The pics are continuing to come out to show that there is no question that Beyonce is having her twins.  Here is the latest pic that has the internet going crazy!! Source: Kevin Winter / Getty

This weekend Rihanna Shut Down Cincinnatti!!!!  She gave somebody from Columbus a chance to rock with her and NOBODY expected what happened next!!!  Check It Out HERE