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Here’s a note to all of you rappers/entertainer, IF YOU ARE ON PROBATION FOR ANYTHING KEEP YOUR ASS AT HOME!!!! Sure the perks of being a superstar are crazy but sometimes that’s the one thing that gets these entertainers in trouble in the 1st place because they believe that they are above the law and deem themselves untouchable most of the time it’s the rappers out here thinking they can do whatever they want and think say Opps , my bad will fix everything WRONG…. Kinda like rapper Offset of the Migos is finding out after a warrant was issued for his arrest for smacking a phone out of a fans hands while the fan was recording the rapper , Offset broke the phone when he hit the phone and left the scene before the police were called but what Offset didn’t know was that he had just committed a felony due to the fact that the phone cost $800 which is right at the felony cusp and cops say that the act was intentional Full Story Here

Offset Posts Video Begging Cardi B To Come Back, Black Twitter Says ‘Thank U, Next’
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