Things have been moving slow from a health stand point for rapper French Montana. After reporting that he was hospitalized recently, Frenchie’s condition is still in a very serious state. He was admitted to the hospital last week due to intense cardiac issues, and he still remains hospitalized and in the ICU unit. Many […]

Here’s a note to all of you rappers/entertainer, IF YOU ARE ON PROBATION FOR ANYTHING KEEP YOUR ASS AT HOME!!!! Sure the perks of being a superstar are crazy but sometimes that’s the one thing that gets these entertainers in trouble in the 1st place because they believe that they are above the law and […]

I don’t like calling anyone dumb or stupid so but sometimes…when the shoe fits….you know the saying. So lets just say Summer Bunni isn’t that smart , she is the alleged mistress of Offset and she just apologized to Cardi B via TMZ which proves that people will do anything for their 15 mins because […]

Usher's Stepson In Critical Condition After Serious Accident

VIA EXCLUSIVEACCESS.NET Recently Exclusive Access had the chance to catch up with Actor Donald Fasion and talk with him about his role in the upcoming sci-fi flick Skyline EAN 1on1 with Donald Fasion for Skyline from Exclusive Access on Vimeo. For more check out ExclusiveAccess.Net RELATED: Weekend Top 10!!! Check Out What’s Hot At The […]