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Things have been moving slow from a health stand point for rapper French Montana. After reporting that he was hospitalized recently, Frenchie’s condition is still in a very serious state. He was admitted to the hospital last week due to intense cardiac issues, and he still remains hospitalized and in the ICU unit.

Many of us have been very concerned after learning French Montana had been rushed to the hospital. After complaining of intense stomach pain and nausea, it was found that he also had an elevated heart rate and other cardiac issues.

French decided to update fans on social media regarding his condition and it seems that things are still pretty intense, as he has been in ICU for six days due to his symptoms.

Frenchie has been traveling a lot in recent months, including taking trips overseas. He has visited both the Middle East and Europe, which brings up questions about food contamination. However, that was ruled out as a possible cause of his symptoms since his issues still remain. This leads also to questions about any airborne viruses he may have been exposed to if any.

In an effort to give fans a glimpse into what he’s been dealing with, French posted a short video clip on IG.

He didn’t do any talking but his caption read, “6 days in ICU.” With the holiday season underway, no one wants to be stuck up in the hospital! It’s safe to assume that French would love to be home with his family giving thanks instead!

French has also received an outpouring of love and well wishes from his loyal fan base and has also got love from some celebrity friends as well, including Megan Thee Stallion who paid him a visit! Hopefully he continues to heal and can head home sooner than later!

Source: The Shade Room