Things have been moving slow from a health stand point for rapper French Montana. After reporting that he was hospitalized recently, Frenchie’s condition is still in a very serious state. He was admitted to the hospital last week due to intense cardiac issues, and he still remains hospitalized and in the ICU unit. Many […]

      There is an STD superbug that some experts say may be more deadly than AIDS and could cause an epidemic. According to a report originally published in 2013, antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea is more aggressive than AIDS, which means the potential to infect the public will be exponentially greater. RELATED: U.S. Experiencing Record-Breaking […]


I can’t lie, didn’t know this was even an issue but I should’ve know as much unprotected sex that goes on at these festivals. But to have over 250 cases in just two days is just nasty and crazy as hell, because these must be super herpes to show up after a day or two. […]


One of the best series in the world right now is Game of Thrones and everybody who is a an has been counting down the days until the next season and we’ve had to wait a whole year but now it’s Game of Thrones Time!!! And in 19 days fans will rejoice there will be […]

It seems that everyone that had a damaging video of now Ex star running back Kareem Hunt and it seems they all decided to release them around the same time. The 1st video came last Friday , it showed Hunt pushing and kicking a female and led to him being cut by the Chiefs and […]

Is Kanye West the next Kris Humphries? Just 46 days after the rapper and Kim Kardashian said “I Do,” reports claim that the couple have spent less than two weeks in the same bed. And now, has learned, sources close to the couple say that when they actually are together, they’re “miserable!” – See […]

More bad news for Chris Brown. Although he was honest and admitted to violating his probation, it landed him with more jail time.