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I can’t lie, didn’t know this was even an issue but I should’ve know as much unprotected sex that goes on at these festivals. But to have over 250 cases in just two days is just nasty and crazy as hell, because these must be super herpes to show up after a day or two. Or it could be that, all of those people came to Coachella already infected and just need some medicine. For the past two years a organization named HerpAlert who has been helping festival goers by giving them prescriptions to pharmacies after they show the doctors a pic of the STD and the turn around is like 2 hours. But what makes this story so crazy is that last year HerpAlert only seen 12 people a day at Coachella this year HerpAlert reported seeing over 250 people in the 1st two days…..Now that’s just NASTY!!! Full Story Here

Twitter Checking Their Phones For STDs After Clicking On The #Rosarito Hashtag NSFW
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