An Ohio couple is about to turn their table for two into a table for seven! The pair just found out they are pregnant with quintuplets!! Hannah and Jacob Merton got married back in 2017 and once they wed the couple was ready to prepare for children. “I’ve always wanted twins. I always grew […]

The 614

We’re about to lose a great one Columbus, Jerry Revish has been a staple in this community for decades , he’s the first person most think of when you say News in the 614. The veteran news anchor has been doing the news for 45 years in a statement Mr. Revish said “I’ve had the […]

Longtime Columbus news anchor and pastor Jerry Revish announced Thursday that he would be retiring after more than 40 years in journalism. Revish, who delivers the news every evening on WBNS-10TV, said his last day on air would be November 27. “I’ve had the blessing and pleasure of working for the best locally-owned television station […]


When will people learn to leave synthetic drugs alone??? The police believe that this man was high on the drug called K2 and that it was laced with PCP which also made him hallucinate which made it harder for the police when they got there to handle the situation. People that were watching say that […]


I can’t lie, didn’t know this was even an issue but I should’ve know as much unprotected sex that goes on at these festivals. But to have over 250 cases in just two days is just nasty and crazy as hell, because these must be super herpes to show up after a day or two. […]

The 614

You can’t make $hit like this up, Chillicothe resident Christina R. Maynard was in the passenger in a car that failed to signal on a turn and was pulled over. When police ask for her info she at first lied and gave her sisters info when the officers seen thru that BS, Christina who had […]

We can agree that the potholes are always at an all-time high when exiting the winter weather. How long should we wait for the city to fix this issue? Delay in this process does affect your drive and potential your vehicle. According to,  many residents on Lockbourne Road are fed up with weaving in […]

The 614

I know the family and friends of this young lady are soooooo happy that their little girl is at home because as a father with daughters the last thing you ever want to thing about is that someone is harming your baby and you can’t do anything about it, the young lady was last seen […]

Either this girl is crazy or she’s crazy lol why would her father offer so much money to get someone to marry his daughter. With a lot of these dudes just because her daddy is holdin’ bank …..their cool, but you want to give me money to Marry your daughter AND take her virginity????? #winning […]

This has to taste nasty as hell the taste of beer by it’s self is horrible and now you want to add marshmallows along with fruity Calypso hops “What”?? And how do you expect to drink this beer??LOL not to mention during what shows on T.V. would you advertise??


Now I know God/Jesus didn’t approve this lol and what’s crazy is that this pastor has been making $$$$$$ by  getting his flock to believe that he has special powers, powers that haven’t been seen since the Bible