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An Ohio couple is about to turn their table for two into a table for seven! The pair just found out they are pregnant with quintuplets!!

Hannah and Jacob Merton got married back in 2017 and once they wed the couple was ready to prepare for children.

“I’ve always wanted twins. I always grew up saying I wanted twins,” Hannah said. “We tried to get pregnant for a year and it just wasn’t happening.”

After experiencing some difficulties getting pregnant, they decided to visit a specialist and soon started to take fertility medication. Finally, the two saw some light at the end of the tunnel last October when their doctor delivered some news.

“I almost passed out just from shock.”

An ultrasound revealed that the newlyweds were indeed going to fulfill Hannah’s wish of twins, at first. But before the end of the appointment they found not only babies “A” and “B” but they were joined by babies “C” “D” and “E!”

“It really was just a surreal kind of feeling. I don’t even know how to put it into words. It’s just unbelievable really,” said Jacob.

Hannah is currently 19 weeks along, with three girls and two boys. While they are still deciding on names for the babies, they may want to expedite the process.  The quintuplets are due in June, but will most likely deliver early.

The pair plans to have Hannah stay home with the babies, while Jacob will soon graduate from the University of Akron. He’s hoping for a job in financial planning.

Source: NBC4i