An Ohio couple is about to turn their table for two into a table for seven! The pair just found out they are pregnant with quintuplets!! Hannah and Jacob Merton got married back in 2017 and once they wed the couple was ready to prepare for children. “I’ve always wanted twins. I always grew […]

Lately it sure does seem like there may be something in the water! Some of our favorite celebs have been popping babies out right and left. And with the “baby boom” comes a series of super cute newborn pictures, of course! The Norwood’s have added another addition to the family! Your favorite break up to […]


The State of Ohio receives nationwide attention for a number of things. One of our hometown favorites is our beloved Buckeyes. However, in the Buckeye State the number of children without health insurance coverage has become a pertinent issue. According to reports, an estimated 41,642 infants, toddlers and preschoolers went without coverage in 2018, a […]

As innocent as this question may be, asking a couple when they’re going to have kids can also be hurtful, says a mom blogger. According to a mom blogger says that pressing newly weds to have a baby is not only nosey but hurtful. “Trying to conceive isn’t easy unless you are a highly […]

We have waited patiently and the queen has finally granted our wish. Beyonce in her most elegant fashion drop the first pictures of her twins on Instagram. RELATED STORY: BEYONCÉ: Unconfirmed Reports of Twins Arrival   Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Sir and Rumi Carter are also celebrating their 1 month birthdays today. The […]

Drake Sweeps The Billboard Music Awards Beyonce Push Party Columbus Airport Making Changes. Click here

This weekend The Carter’s celebrated the upcoming arrival of their twins and threw a Carter Push Party AKA a baby shower.  There was an African theme and everyone dressed in tribal clothing including Beyonce.  She also let the twins all hang out wearing a bra top and her belly was decorated with henna tattoos. Sign […]

#bigbinkshow – Since it is “International Womens day”  I wanted to put up some of the best music ever made by Woman hip hop artists in the last 5 years.  Shout out to all the women in Columbus!!  Thank you for everything that you do for the City!  

Bennett said she's tried hard to convince her son that the baby on the package is not him, but he's not having it. He even cuddles with it at night, she told Buzzfeed.

Major Cloth Alert! That cloth is going to be a bib. DJ Khaled has the major key himself, as news broke that the DJ-turned-Snapchat-god is expecting a baby. TMZ reports that his fiancée Nicole Tuck is three months pregnant with his child. The baby is due in the fall, and it will be the first for both Nicole […]

Chrissy Teigen has been doing a great job of sharing her motherhood experience after giving birth to her daughter Luna, but she's quickly finding out the downside to that.

Two Florida brothers visited a newborn at a Georgia hospital after receiving a text message from a stranger. Their story went viral.