R.Kelly is facing up to 70 years if found guilty of his crimes and this new case doesn’t help him at all, a woman named Faith Rodgers accused the R&B singer of giving her the disease without her knowledge in court docs last year, Dallas police investigated but decided not to move forward with the […]


I can’t lie, didn’t know this was even an issue but I should’ve know as much unprotected sex that goes on at these festivals. But to have over 250 cases in just two days is just nasty and crazy as hell, because these must be super herpes to show up after a day or two. […]

#bigbinkshow – Its getting messy!!!!  This video has been surfacing on the web showing Usher grinding with a female on stage in front of thousands.  Usher has been pretty silent about the allegations that he gave a woman Herpes, but he has the big money and he pays people to speak for him…stay tuned because […]

By now you’ve heard that singer Usher Raymond settled a 2015 lawsuit with a woman calming that she contracted Herpes from him.  As the juicy details poured out about this situation we learned that Usher settled with the woman that he cheated on his ex wife Tameka with.  And if that wasn’t bad enough the […]

  Talk about confessions…. Radar Online is reporting that singer Usher has paid a woman 1.1 million dollars in a court settlement after infecting her with the herpes virus! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! The lawsuit was allegedly settled in December of 2012 years after their relationship ended.  His ex is rumored to be his […]

WTF?!?? (CBS NEWS) ATLANTA — A 4-year-old child may now have a sexually transmitted disease because of a used condom he found in an Atlanta hotel room. Carmen Jones said she is hurting inside not knowing what sexually transmitted diseases her grandson may now have. “The doctors at Scottish Rite said, if it was some […]