What Timberland and Swiss Beats have done for the culture is great, after they had an epic beat battle they started to reach out to other producers and artist to go head to head, track to track and the fans decide the winner the last battle was between Mannie Fresh and Scott Storch and many […]

I gotta give props to Lil Baby because usually when people put them started cables on you and it’s over how you make your livelihood usually it doesn’t end well for both parties involved. Lil Baby says that from the jump people had been trying to get him to beef with DaBaby because their names […]

The former super couple of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have been at each others neck on social media in the past couple of weeks and they’re not holding back at all from Nicki saying that Meek beat up his sister and spit on her and to top it all off she says he taped […]

Just when I was really starting to feel the love brewing between songstress, Summer Walker and producer, London On Da Track, they’ve broken up!! The two talented individuals came together as one of the game’s newest couples! I think we all had high hopes for them. But Summer Walker announced yesterday that they are no […]

One of the best series of all time was Game of Thrones watched and loved by millions worldwide, so much that fans are angry the was the series ended. After 7 seasons Game of Thrones announced that it would take a whole year off to make the final season and fans where ecstatic because we […]

The 614

Sometimes you gotta know when to say when and when it comes to selling drugs one thing you have to know if your good at moving drugs in a high quantity , then it’s only a matter of time before you either get caught or the people your working for won’t let you quit. Chezsirray […]


I can’t lie, didn’t know this was even an issue but I should’ve know as much unprotected sex that goes on at these festivals. But to have over 250 cases in just two days is just nasty and crazy as hell, because these must be super herpes to show up after a day or two. […]

The 614

I thought it was the norm for people to just move over or slow down with caution when coming up on or passing any vehicles with flashing or rotating lights well it looks like everyone isn’t as informed as me lol but just last year drivers who violated this law went up more than 50%. […]

They are beefing over new artist Melii who is a 21-year-old buzzing artist out of New York City who writes, sings and raps in both English and Spanish. And at first she was working with Meek and his label Dreamchasers but something went left and now Melii is been worlking with Tory Lanez’ label One […]


Some people just can’t take and ass whopping and it shows in this case after 31 year old Marcus Johnson shot and killed his neighbor former NFL player — who was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks — 46-year-old T.J. Cunningham was a wide receiver and defensive back at the University of Colorado back in the early ’90s — and […]

Everyone has their own pick when it comes to who the Greatest Of All Time, well when it comes to basketball MJ just took it to another level by being the 1st to play a full game on water!!! That right MJ did something only the man above can claim to have done……well not actually […]

The 614

It was a bad weekend to have your name rhyme with Blue, Hue Jackson head coach for the Browns and Tryone Lue head coach for the Cavs were relieved of their duties Lue after a 0-6 start to the NBA season and Hue after having the worst 3 year stretch of any coach in NFL […]