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The former super couple of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have been at each others neck on social media in the past couple of weeks and they’re not holding back at all from Nicki saying that Meek beat up his sister and spit on her and to top it all off she says he taped the whole thing. Then she goes on to say that Meek kicked her in front of his mom and that he was more than pissed when she made up with her label mate Drake when Meek and Drake were beefing. Crazy right well every story has two sides right? So here’s Meek’s… He starts off by saying that Nicki is big mad because when it comes to the hip hop game right now she’s losing and he says that everybody in the industry knows that Nicki is a bad person and then he drops the hammer saying that she knew her brother was raping his stepdaughter and that’s the reason Meek left. Well, I don’t know who you believe all I know is that somethings shouldn’t be said in public even if you’re pissed as hell at that person. Full Story Click Here

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