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Sometimes you gotta know when to say when and when it comes to selling drugs one thing you have to know if your good at moving drugs in a high quantity , then it’s only a matter of time before you either get caught or the people your working for won’t let you quit. Chezsirray Owensby who was arrested on Thursday of this week was caught with 2,500 of cocaine, 15 grams of heroin/fentanyl, 2 loaded handguns and almost $10k in cash. Whitehall police are saying that “This was a large scale drug dealer whose drugs were making its way into the city of Whitehall. The City of Whitehall is a safer place with him in jail,” and after watching the netflix special on the drug trade and how most of the fentanyl in the country passes thru Columbus Ohio, I know that the one thing that’s gonna definitely happen is that Owensby will be facing 20 to life on the Fentanyl charge by it’s self.  Full Story Here


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