Growing up pretty much anywhere in America, there is always good and bad. Becoming a teen and the years leading into adulthood really help shape and mold many young minds. Some people strive for greatness, while others succumb to the negativity surrounding the environments they’ve been raised in. For some who may have taken […]

Whitehall police have a man in custody following an investigation into trafficking heroin and fentanyl, the led to the discovery of 73 guns. Police have charged Terry Swartz with felony counts of having weapons under disability and drug possession following the recovering of 47 handguns, 20 shotguns and six rifles. Thirty-six of the guns were […]

Blac Youngsta was arrested on weapons charges after being pulled over for a traffic stop in Houston, Texas. The rapper was arrested and booked once police officers discovered three pistols, prohibited ammo, and marijuana in the car that the rapper was traveling in. Youngsta and three other individuals were in the car at the time. […]


Two people were charged with narcotics-related offenses after an Ohio crime task force seized nearly $300,000, 13.5kg of cocaine, and two semi-automatic handguns. The warrant was served after an intense narcotics investigation, officials said. The identity of the suspects charged in the case have not been released. “This was a great team effort by all […]

The 614

Sometimes you gotta know when to say when and when it comes to selling drugs one thing you have to know if your good at moving drugs in a high quantity , then it’s only a matter of time before you either get caught or the people your working for won’t let you quit. Chezsirray […]

#bigbinkshow – He got off lucky, this time.  Souljia Boy hasn’t had a hit in years,  but he continues to keep himself relevant in the Cyber World.  recently, he went to court to fight gun charges.  Originally,  he was facing 4 years but cut a deal with the DA, so that means probation for Souljia […]

Ohio’s new concealed-carry law is in effect. Senate Bill 199 kicked in at Tuesday at midnight, expanding the list of places where permit holders can carry guns including daycare centers, private planes and non-secure areas of airports. Guns remain banned on college campuses, but officials can allow certain people or groups to be armed. Follow […]

    #bigbinkshow – what the hell is goin on in Chillicothe?  Its is being reported that one person has died and 12 people have overdosed in Chillicothe. All of the this in the last 2 days!!!!!!!!…..For more information on the story check it out HERE      

Last year, Soulja Boy was asked in an interview to detail exactly what went down when he shot some guys intruding into his home in 2008- again. His ’08 explanation is much farther from the story he has been telling nowadays, but his latest retelling follows a similar path. When this interview hit the web, […]

#bigbinkshow Shots out to the Cavaliers for making history and representing for the great state of Ohio as NBA champions. The team stopped by the White house.   Today was a busy day for the White House.  President Elect Donald Trump was there and then Our Cavs stopped by to kick it with the president. […]