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According to CNN, more than 1,000 guns were found Wednesday in a home in the upscale Los Angeles neighborhood Holmby Hills.

Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and LA Police Department officers served a search warrant in an investigation of someone suspected of manufacturing and selling illegal firearms, LAPD Officer Jeff Lee said.

In aerial footage from the scene, hundreds of guns are seen scattered out on what appears to be blankets in the driveway. The weapons range from handguns to rifles. Police can be seen taking inventory.
ATF spokesperson Ginger Colburn said in a written statement that authorities were anonymously tipped off that someone was “conducting illegal firearms transaction outside the scope of the federal firearm license that the individual possesses.” Along with the weapons, firearm manufacturing equipment and tools were also found at the home.
Officers from both agencies remained on the scene and continued the investigation.
In 2015, LAPD seized 1,200 guns, seven tons of ammunition and $230,000 in cash from a home. The owner had died of natural causes and was found in his SUV outside. At that time it was considered one of the largest weapon’s seizure from one home, the LAPD said.
Now we’re no rocket scientists over here but this definitely sounds like a case of the plug being caught. Perhaps this we lead to a decrease in violent crimes and gang issues in the LA area. Or even a better question, what will the punishment be for a crime like this. This about the number of people locked up for possession of ONE handgun. This guy (or girl) had over 1,000!!!
Stay tuned.
Source: CNN.com