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When it comes to the last mc battle we all cared about between MGK and Eminem many say that Eminem won the battle hands down….But here in the O-H-I-O you know we back MGK it’s kinda like the football rivalry between OSU and that team up north. If you ask me i do believe that MGK won the battle not because of lyrics but because he actually made Eminem answer, I’ll explain by using a old saying…..” Dogs bark at the moon every night……if the moon barks back that dog is famous” as many rappers that eminem went at in his last album many of them said something couple made a quick diss track and eminem ignored them as he should have BUT when MGK dropped his diss track The Moon Barked Back!!! And let’s keep it all the way 100 neither diss track was what you would call lyrical but it was some great action on both and i believe that MGK gave EM that smoke. But for YUNG THUG to say that MGK did something that Pac , Big, Jay and Bone couldn’t do is just crazy as $hit for him to say that MGK was more lyrical that Em is just laughable nobody is beating the Em with the lyrics get the F outta here Yung Thug …..but you might agree with him so take the poll

Eminem Gets At Machine Gun Kelly With “Killshot,” Diddy Caught In Crossfire #KILLSHOT
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