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One day sooner than later Kodak Black needs to do a Tekashsi and get rid of his entire team, because someone needs to protect him from his self. This guy constantly finds himself in some type of trouble, if it’s not him saying something stupid on social media it him doing something he knows he has no business doing due to the fact he’s on probation. I mean why would you be trying to buy a gun when you are currently on probation and facing jail time??? On the application to purchase a gun it clearly ask are you under indictment for a felony (Yes) and he answered……(No) why would you do something like that on a government document? It has to be the people he has around him, J Cole said famously in his song “Middle Child” he says

Had a long talk with the young n**** Kodak

Reminded me of young n****s from ‘Ville

Straight out the projects, no fakin’, just honest

I wish that he had more guidance, for real

Too many n****s in cycle of jail

Spending they birthdays inside of a cell

If this guy isn’t listening to his peers who are telling him “Hey youngin make better decisions” and he’s still not listening, it looks like Kodak will be behind bars sooner than later

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