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It isn’t everyday you learn about people committing selfless acts that help fill a void. A Chicago area hair stylist has done just that.

Tamekia Swint created, Styles 4 Kids, to provide hair care education and services to moms, dads and guardians who do not have experience working with black hair. This especially includes adoptive and foster parents.

Black hair is beautiful, diverse and can be the most tender type of hair to take care of—especially if you’re not used to our different types of textures. With that in mind, many black children born into interracial families, or who are adopted by non black parents aren’t always up to date on how to navigate our hair.

Tamekia explains that she saw this as an opportunity to empower the parents in something they’re not familiar with. She started her company in 2010 with only three clients in her books. Since then, Styles 4 Kids has grown immensely and Tamekia has reportedly helped more than 500 families across the country!

That speaks volumes about the need for education on black hair for people of all backgrounds!

Check out what some people had to say after learning about Tamekia’s movement below:



Source: The Shade Room