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Is Goodwill getting greedy on us?

This is not news many would expect to hear involving Goodwill. One store on Broad Street in Pataskala is being accused of marking up retail item prices. The worst accusations come from a woman calling out Goodwill for throwing away her donations in a dumpster.

The accusations have gained traction in local news to the point the vice president of communications for Licking Knox Goodwill, Lisa Baker, made an official statement on the matters.

“Sometimes it’s a safety issue,” she said. “Where something may not look like something we should touch, so sometimes those go to the Dumpster when it’s really difficult to tell.”

As for prices, Baker says they are “subjective.”

We give guidelines but they’re kind of broad because you never know what kind of donation is going to come in,” she said.

Baker explains that the prices being higher is not intentional. She also admits that this can be a lesson to better train staff and come with a better system that won’t deter people from giving donations.

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