The holiday season tends to open many hearts and minds to recognize the millions of people who constantly go without. Many people struggle year round and people who relate very closely to the struggle are now taking steps to help change that. In Columbus, several areas are known to be more in need than others. […]


  A local church taking a stand to help ensure that teenagers in need are not overlooked during the holiday season. Many children living in foster care struggle and many times older children are forgotten or overlooked. There are 775 teenagers living in foster care system in Franklin County. “There are a lot of people […]


  Faith Mission and the Choices Domestic Violence Shelter have announced that are desperately in need of winter coats. Lutheran Social Services say the organizations gave away their last coat on Friday. They say the recent cold weather snap completely depleted their supply. “I think it’s just changed so quickly in the last week that […]


  The holidays are swiftly approaching. With the rise of the season, one must think of how to enjoy the holidays and how to give back to those in need. Many people suffer during this season of love and family, but most affected are innocent children. In efforts to make a change for kids all […]

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Is Goodwill getting greedy on us? This is not news many would expect to hear involving Goodwill. One store on Broad Street in Pataskala is being accused of marking up retail item prices. The worst accusations come from a woman calling out Goodwill for throwing away her donations in a dumpster. The accusations have gained […]

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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and that means many businesses will be bustling with moms and families. Restaurants will be booked for brunch, mantles will be lined with greeting cards and vases will be overflowing with flowers. Sunday, May 12th is officially Mother’s Day. But some moms will be forced to celebrate behind bars. The […]


His Flint contribution of $500,000 is the largest celebrity donation to date. Avita Water will match his donation in water bottles.

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Chris Brown is making sure to give back heavily this holiday season.

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Are TLC fraud or nah?  The internet seems to think so.  Remember a while back, when TLC members T-Boz and Chili requested people to donate to their kickstarter account for an upcoming album? Well it has not been an album released by the two remaining members as of yet. So now, the internet is in […]

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For the past 10 years, Detroit resident James Robertson has walked 21 miles without fail to his Rochester Hills, Michigan factory job once his 1988 Honda Accord…

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Jay-Z is coming under fire for only donating $6,431 to his charity in 2011!  A year where he brought home a whopping 63 million dollars.  Let’s break this down 1% of his salary from last year would have been 623,7000 significantly more than the $6,431 he contributed. All this is coming from tax records for […]

As part of our 30 Day Of Service, Radio One Columbus joined forces with New Birth Ministries Located on Refugee Rd on the East side of Columbus. Together we collected more food and canned food donations getting us cloer to our goal of reaching 3,000 lbs of food to give to those in need. Check […]