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The holidays are swiftly approaching. With the rise of the season, one must think of how to enjoy the holidays and how to give back to those in need. Many people suffer during this season of love and family, but most affected are innocent children.

In efforts to make a change for kids all over, Operation Christmas Child offers a way to give children across the globe gifts during the holidays. The operation offers shoe box sized gifts filled with things kids love!

Toys can include a foam ball, kickball, yo-yo, small Frisbee, small kite, etch a sketch, kaleidoscope, marbles, puzzles, compass, chalkboard, playing cards, jump rope.

Some wow items include a doll, soccer ball, stuffed animal, clothing, small musical instrument. Also, some totality items include a comb, hairbrush, toothbrush, wash cloth, bar soap, bandages, reusable plastic containers, blanket, flashlight, nail clipper, deodorant.

Participants can also choose to simply donate $9 per shoe box online through “Follow Your Box” and get a tracking label to see where the box ends up.

There are so many other items you can include in your box. Check this link for a full list of what to include and what is not allowed.

Collection week starts November 18. There are numerous locations across Franklin County you can drop off your shoe boxes.

Source: NBC4i