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Are TLC fraud or nah?  The internet seems to think so.  Remember a while back, when TLC members T-Boz and Chili requested people to donate to their kickstarter account for an upcoming album? Well it has not been an album released by the two remaining members as of yet. So now, the internet is in a frenzy to get their money back.

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Twitter Gets Revenge On TLC With #TLCisGoingToJailParty And It’s Hilarious

Didn’t TLC steal your Kickstarter money???

Remember earlier this year when TLC was asking fans for money to fund an album? Well, the duo raised the money not only in two days, but surpassed their goal of $150,000 with flying colors. The group raised over $430,000 according to their kickstarter page. In the details, they promised to have the project ready by mid-October and it’s already November.

Yesterday some curious “fan” asked T-Boz directly about getting their money back, we’re guessing after noticing they haven’t produced an album yet and all heck broke loose.

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SMH, we think this was some revenge on T-Boz from Rihanna’s “Navy”, but someone birthed the hashtag – #TLCisGoingToJailParty thereafter and hilariousness ensued.