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It’s not a solution but it’s a start.

You probably have seen it by now the viral video of a Columbus Police Officer Anthony Johnson punching Jonathan Robinson. Police arrived after receiving a shots fired call and upon their arrival, things escalated quickly.


A local pastor, Pastor Frederick LaMarr, from the Family Missionary Baptist Church decided to step in and invite both sides to have a conversation. The goal was for both sides to better understand each other and come with solutions to stop confrontational matches between the police and the community.

I could give you a whole list of negatives on both sides,” said LaMarr. “But the positive is, they’re all still alive. And when they’re alive, you can live to talk about how we could have done it better.

Pastor LaMarr leads the group Ministries 4 Movement he created after a year of record high number of homicides ten years ago.

If I can do it with gang members, why can’t I do it with the police and the community?” LaMarr said.

To watch the full interview of the sitdown go to www.10tv.com.

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