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Father and son standing on train track with trumpet

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A question men ask themselves often, what should you do to be a good father? If your father was present in your life, and left a good example for you, like providing for the family, honoring your mother, then you would have an idea of what a good father is.

But what if your father wasn’t present in the home, then how you know how to be a good father.

Fathers have an influence on their childs life. Sons especially need their dad to teach the how to become men. They lead with morals, to teach them the value in life. See a man is the head of the household and should lead as such.

Always keep in mind, fatherhood is a nondelegable duty, and your son needs you every bit as much as you needed your own dad. As a boy blazes his trail through life, his father should be leading the way.

All in all lead by example, and you children will know which way to go.

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