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Rain, rain, go away, come back another day!


Source: Michael Tomlin-Crutchfield / Michael Tomlin-Crutchfield

That is what farmers here in Ohio are praying for these days. The excessive amount of rain we have been getting this spring/summer has been making growing crops a struggle.

Many farmers are saying the ground is too wet for crops to grow. making farmers miss their window to start processing.

When farmers can’t grow produce, local farmers markets have no produce to sell. For example, HTH Farm Market are completely out and waiting for green beans, sweet peppers, cucumbers, and yellow squash. This lack of produce will force market’s hand to raise prices.

CU of hand picking up tomatoes from vegetable box to put into basket at organic farm shop.

Source: Betsie Van der Meer / Getty

“Sometimes we have to but we try not to because the crowd here loves the fresh produce and we’re the only place around this town that can provide the fresh produce,” Timothy Shepard said.

many farmers who grow herbs say their products have and will keep getting destroyed by massive rainstorms hitting the area. If things don’t approve, farmers will be forced to move to a different crop to work on.

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