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Looks like everything is on the rise this summer in the city! If you’re looking to go to an event or concert, you will now pay more to see your favorite performers and shows.

The city’s 5% ticket tax has officially kicked in as of today, July 1st.

Many dedicated fans are not really phased by the new tax and don’t plan on changing their summer concert plans because of it! However, some might think twice about paying extra fees.

Matt Findlay and friends came to the city all the way from Prague in the Czech Republic to Columbus to see 21 Pilots and was not deterred. “We came all the way from Prague, so an added 5% probably wouldn’t have stopped us, but no one really likes paying extra fees.”

Apparently, the extra money received from the new tax will be split in two funds.

One is the “Creativity Fund” which will give artists an opportunity to apply for grants to fund their projects. The “Stability Fund” will fund repairs at Nationwide Arena, like a new roof and scoreboard.

For you average consumer, how much money will the five percent ticket tax cost you? It really depends on the price of the ticket. For example, two $89 tickets to the 21 Pilots show would have rendered $8.90 in tax, making the total ticket price $186.90.

The newly implemented ticket tax will not be applied to high school and college sports, and also exempts movie tickets or small venues with ticket prices less than $100 dollars.

Source: NBC4i