With summer time officially kicking off in less than a week, many kids are looking forward to spending the summer outside playing with friends. Columbus Recreation and Parks are reopening summer youth and adult sports, kicking off on June 16th. Mayor Andrew J. Ginther recognizes the importance for children to interact with their peers in […]

The 614

  Looks like everything is on the rise this summer in the city! If you’re looking to go to an event or concert, you will now pay more to see your favorite performers and shows. The city’s 5% ticket tax has officially kicked in as of today, July 1st. Many dedicated fans are not really […]


Looks like you better fill up on these gas prices over the weekend while you can! The summer season always brings a sharp spike in the price of gasoline thanks to seasonal economic factors. This year, that spike might just hit really hard. Monday, July 1, the price of gas in Ohio will go up […]