Looks like you better fill up on these gas prices over the weekend while you can!

The summer season always brings a sharp spike in the price of gasoline thanks to seasonal economic factors. This year, that spike might just hit really hard.

Monday, July 1, the price of gas in Ohio will go up 10.5 cents per gallon! This adjustment is moving in thanks to a scheduled increase in the state gas tax. The latest increase means Ohioans will pay a tax rate of 38.5 cents per gallon on unleaded.

Diesel fuel will go up a whopping 19 cents per gallon on July 1, bringing the total tax rate to 47 cents per gallon.

The new taxes were signed into law by Governor Mike Dewine back in April, as part of the state transportation budget. Funds generated by the tax increase will go toward improving roads and infrastructure.

Make sure you fill up before the weekend is over- it’s likely to be the cheapest tank of gas you’ll buy for the foreseeable future.

Source: 614Now

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