The 614

Now if you’re from the capital city then there are a few things you know for sure 1. We Bleed Scarlet and Gray 2. We always never say Xichigan we always say that team up north and 3. Nobody goes on the westside unless it’s to the casino. The west side of the city is […]

The 614

Don’t know if you noticed but gas prices are dropping at a alarming rate and this past week they were down almost .30 cent averaging $2.44 per gallon. Gas prices last month were .50 cent higher and gas is .19 cent less than this time last year. Now will we ever see $2.00 or less […]


Looks like you better fill up on these gas prices over the weekend while you can! The summer season always brings a sharp spike in the price of gasoline thanks to seasonal economic factors. This year, that spike might just hit really hard. Monday, July 1, the price of gas in Ohio will go up […]

Summer brings more traveling and this year even high gas prices. According to the, the price of a gallon of gas in Ohio is expected to go up 10.5 cents per gallon starting in July. For Ohioans who drive 15,000 miles per year and 25 miles per gallon, the new tax will have you spending […]

The 614

Get this cheap gas while you can. Many Ohioans ain’t looking forward to having to pay more at the pump. So with the news that there is a delay in increasing gas prices is good news. Negotiations have delayed the approved measure that Gov. Mike DeWine and House Republicans are backing. Senate Republicans are still […]

  #bigbinkshow –  Video from the horrific crash in New York City is now all over the internet.  There are various angles where you can see exactly what happened.  Should this DRIVER get the death penalty?  According to reports, Richard Rojas driver smoked some synthetic marijuana and thought the world was coming to an end. Sign Up For […]

#bigbinkshow – I personally got my card information jacked from a gas station right here in Columbus.  Be careful because the thieves are on and cracking.  Police say nearly a dozen skimmers have been found at various gas stations throughout the county since November 2015. To find out how people get a hold of your […]

#bigbinkshow – If you are from the Zanesville area or have friends there, you might want to check on them because there is a Major Gas leak happening right now south of 1 70.  For the latest info, check it out right HERE

Rickey Smiley was running a little bit behind schedule one day because of a mishap with his car.

  Firefighters have responded to a gas explosion on the 2800 block of West Broad Street.  The explosion has caused a second-alarm fire and at least one person has been reported injured. NBC4i has reported that a construction crew hit a natural gas line and a nearby Domino’s Pizza oven sparked the source of the fire.  Crews […]

So we’re talking about farting tonight! LOL! Have you have ever farted in public and blamed it on somebody else? Keep it rea inside tonight’s Dimepiece Late Night Creep Topic!

The Dimepiece Late Night Topic is all about letting it out! Farts that is!  When is the right time to pass gas with someone that you’re feeling?  Should you hold them in? Or should you keep it real, literally and let them out.