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Summer brings more traveling and this year even high gas prices.

According to the, the price of a gallon of gas in Ohio is expected to go up 10.5 cents per gallon starting in July.

For Ohioans who drive 15,000 miles per year and 25 miles per gallon, the new tax will have you spending roughly $63 more dollars a year in fuel taxes.

If you’re planning a trip this summer, you’ll pay more heading east of Ohio into Pennsylvania where gas prices are above $3, according to the website

The same is true if you travel west into Indiana. The further south you travel the better chance of finding inexpensive gas.

Ohio is expected to generate $865 million a year from the gas tax increase.

That money will go towards improving the state’s roads and bridges. Fifty-five percent of that money will go to state projects, the rest will go to local governments.

Diesel fuel also goes up July 1. It will increase by 19 cents per gallon.