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Well it looks like some of our favorite people aren’t exempt from relationship drama. We all know relationships can be beautiful but can also come with a whole lot to deal with. It’s one thing addressing attitudes, disagreements, misunderstandings, etc. but add in mama drama and things have reached a whole new level.

One swift way to end a relationship and hitch a swift ride to single town has to be fighting someone’s mother. In fact, it’s a whole breaking point, because most of us don’t play about mom. According to Queen, Erykah Badu, this is exactly what happened as she claims to have fought Rickey Smiley’s mother more than once.

Earlier today, the singer took to Instagram where she revealed that she used to date comedian Rickey Smiley and they called it quits because she has an on-sight beef with his mother.

Check out the link above to read Badu’s full Instagram post.

Rickey Smiley responded to Badu with a post of his own stating: “I’m crying!!!!! My response to [Erykah Badu] will be posted at 7 pm!!!!! I’m gonna kill her ass.”

While it’s hard to put any of this craziness past the two characters, it should be noted that Badu has ascended to the level of being a believable troll. Outside of posting pictures of her elegant jewelry, Badu likes to poke fun at people on her Instagram. But, currently, it is too early to tell if this is a joke or not. I guess fans will have to way until Rickey responds to know what really happened.

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