In an interview with Extra, beloved actor Terrence Howard says he’s done with acting when Season 6 of Empire wraps. The long-time star of the familial showbiz drama said he will be hanging it up at the end of the show and moving on to other, vague pursuits. “I’m done with acting. I’m done pretending,” Howard said […]

Fans want to see Kannon more on league cards, what’s the hold-up? That was one of the main conversations I discussed with battler Big Kannon. As you know as a fan, we haven’t seen Kannon on a big-league card since his last battle with MTV Wildin’ Out‘s Charron on Rare Breed Entertainment (RBE). However, things […]

  Well it looks like some of our favorite people aren’t exempt from relationship drama. We all know relationships can be beautiful but can also come with a whole lot to deal with. It’s one thing addressing attitudes, disagreements, misunderstandings, etc. but add in mama drama and things have reached a whole new level. One […]

We need to talk about what made Shun Love want to rip her own daughter’s wig off her head and use it as a weapon. We have seen many crazy fights and scuffles on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood but this week’s episode may have taken the cake. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bpid7FVF521/?tagged=lhhhollywood   It started when Shun Love […]

These two not squashing nothing anytime soon. Just when you though the two queens in hip-hop were moving on from their scuffle at a New York Fashion Show months ago think again. Nicki Minaj just had to bring back up the mess between her and Cardi B. Now the Barb is claiming her overnight bestie […]

Tip caught hell earlier this year for getting caught grabbing all up on a woman’s ass. Fellas take a lesson from T.I. if you ge caught red-handed cheating on your girl, blaming everybody around you will not get you out the dog house. That’s what the rapper tried to pull over Tiny during one scene […]

One thing for sure Offset is telling Joe Budden to keep his wife’s name out his mouth! Ever since their last encounter that almost turned into a brawl, Migos and Joe Budden are not on good terms. Since the start of Budden’s new show State of the Culture on Revolt TV, he has referred the […]

This messy young love keeps getting messier. News broke out that G Herbo and his drill queen Ariana split up due to cheating allegations. Herb’s ex put it on her Instagram warning his side chicks by saying, “f**k at your own risk.”   Soon after rumors emerged that Emily B daughter, Taina Williams, was being […]

Why keep speaking on things you don’t know Miss? Now many people outside the city of Chicago and the Kanye West circle may not know who Rhymefest is. Quick history lesson, he is responsible for some of your favorite Yeezy songs like “Jesus Walks,” “Glory,” and has been in the forefront of the Donda’s House […]

#bigbinkshow – According to reports around the internet, this happened last year.  With RHOA fighting for every viewer it has, this video might be able to get yet another season of RHOA.

Clearly Naomi is unbothered by any form of drama you bring her way. When asked about Rihanna and why both stars recently unfollowed one another, here was her answer. https://youtu.be/_rj7_84pi9E “I’m an actress now, Andy,” has me cryingggggg. Didn’t they have issues in the past before?

#bigbinkshow – Probably the most important awards show of them all!!  The Oscars!!  The were so many great movies out last Year, it will be interesting to see who takes home the Golden  Award this year!  Here is the complete list of nominees HERE  .