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We need to talk about what made Shun Love want to rip her own daughter’s wig off her head and use it as a weapon.

We have seen many crazy fights and scuffles on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood but this week’s episode may have taken the cake.



It started when Shun Love and her daughter Amber Diamond popped up at Brooke Valentine’s listening party thinking they were invited by Mr. Marcus. In reality, Brooke was playing a messy trick on Amber and was the one who sent her an invite.

Why? To confront Amber for trying to make a move on Marcus. Once Amber and her mom walked into the party everything went left. Words were exchanged and then Shun set things off when she grabbed her own daughter’s wig to throw at Bridget Kelly.

Shun has been embarrassing Amber all season long but this incident had to be humiliating.

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