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I don’t know why people are sleeping on the series “Locked Up Abroad” and if you watched just one episode of this series then you would know how to act when you go overseas and trust me the one thing you would do before anything would be to find out exactly what you better not do so you don’t find yourself in jail. Because once they got you they got you and there’s not to much that the U.S. can do unless your a political figure or a major star like A$AP but as you see that isn’t working in his favor right now. He was just charged with criminal assault and the man who incited the the incident was not charged , crazy right and now reports are saying that A$AP is sitting in horrible conditions in the jail but officials Sweden are saying that the Ny rapper is in great health and actually in a private cell with all of the luxuries of a Motel 6. I guess it’s just who you choose to believe. If A$AP is found guilty of these crimes he’s facing 2 years but the prosecutor has said he would recommend a lower sentence if A$AP is convicted ……Full Story Here 

Hip-Hop Behind Bars: 24 Rappers Who Did Jail Time
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