How many of you….us lol have used someone else’s urine to pass a drug test…..I seen all those hands go up. Lately people have been making sure that they have

a least one friend that doesn’t drink or smoke , so anytime they’re tested they can go see them to pass the test. It used to be people were using their kids urine

but that got old real quick… these testing places are smart lol. In participating in this sorta criminal activity there are rules, unwritten rules one of the being “Never

use urine from the opposite sex EVER! Why because what happened to former Ohio University basketball player D.J. copper could happen to you… This guy was

trying to play for the Bosnian national team and to join the team he had to drop aka pee test , that’s when he made medical history because the test came back

and reveled that he was pregnant because he used his girlfriends urine instead of his own…. Full Story Here

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