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These youth football games can get intense. Not just from the pre-adolescents banging the fragile bodies up against each other, but more so from the parents and coaches in the stands trying to live their failed careers through their kids.

That was probably the case this weekend when police in Licking County arrested 37-year-old Christopher Deason after a physical confrontation at a youth football game Sunday evening.

According to Licking County Sheriff Randy Thorp, a football game between Licking Valley and Watkins Memorial School areas ended with a “scuffle” between players.

The sheriff said a referee who stepped in and broke it up was then physically confronted by Deason, who is a coach for Watkins area team.

Deason was arrested by deputies and booked at the Licking County Jail.

While most parents and kids should be sifting through highlights and pictures of their game, Sheriff Thorp now will be collecting and reviewing video for other possible arrests and charges.

Source: 10TV.com