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What’s crazy is that most of the people on that side of town never knew that the strip club that they frequented was a lingerie store lol “Club Sexxy” was always a strip club all you had to do was drive by and it clearly never gave you the feel that anything else was going on except striping going on. They had armored security and the had a full bar and DJ what lingerie store has that lol what panties do armored security protect.  According to reports, the CPD gave the lingerie store ample time to get their sh*t together even after multiple incidents ranging from shoot-out to a dancer reporting her gun being stolen to an undercover cop buying cocaine from someone at the club/store as for now “Sexxy 4 Less” aka “Club Sexxy” has been shut down and could be shut down up to a year. Full story Here

Money! Cardi B Cast In Stripper Revenge Drama With J-Lo And Keke Palmer
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