Kodak Black is keeping hope alive that he will get out of prison soon but it doesn’t look that promising. Kodak has been locked up since May when he was arrested on federal firearms charges. He decided to forgo a trial and plead guilty. Now Kodak could be facing up to 20 years in prison for breaking federal firearms law, he has two counts of firearms charges that carry a max of ten years each. The one thing he has working in his favor is the fact that the government has recommended that his sentence be on the low end which means it’s gonna be up to the judge. So Kodak keep your head down and fingers crossed……wait a min. he just got into a fight that landed a c.o. in the hospital. Full Story Here

Trick Daddy Jumps In The Ebro & Kodak Black Drama, Black Twitter Tells Him To Jump ‘Back In His Grave’
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