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Whew Chile!! The tea just gets better and better over time when it comes to Omarion and the saga with his former band mate and baby mama!

Today, O officially announced a brand new millennium tour for 2020 and it no longer features B2K! That’s right, it looks like Omarion, who reportedly “feels no ways,” about the relationship between Apryl and Fizz, has cuts ties with the fellas and will continue the tour without them next year. This time he will be throwing it back and co-headlining with Ohio native, Bow Wow! Can we say, EPIC!

Not only did Omarion manage to keep a level head and not allow the drama to unfold on his social media accounts, but he’s managed to also gracefully lay his former band mates down by the wayside and keep the party going!

If you recall, Omarion and Bow Wow have collaborated previously. Things really kicked off back in the day, around 2001, with the Scream Tour. The tour was initiated in the beginning as a platform for Bow, who at that time was literally taking America by storm. B2K and other talents like, Jhene Aiko also joined the tour. The Scream Tours ultimately evolved into a rare platform for young urban talent to celebrate adolescence on a large-scale without the specter of violence. The tour continued to grow and also featured the likes of Marques Houston of Immature, Pretty Ricky, Ciara, and even the king, T.I.!

By the time 2005 came along the concert series was reaching its peak and the Scream Tour was headlined by Bow Wow and Omarion, who had previously went solo once B2K broke up. Both O and Bow reached impressive success for themselves and definitely had everybody screaming!

The success of the tour led Omarion and Bow Wow to create Face Off joint album!

This new and improved Millenium Tour is reflective of the theme they created back in 2007 with Face Off. The project was a gold-selling, No. 1 album. And now, it looks like they plan to bring back all the high school feels, as Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, Sammie, The Ying Yang Twins, and Soulja Boy will be joining them on tour!

The noticeable absence of B2K definitely has added fuel to the drama surrounding the group. Fizz is currently dating Omarion’s ex and the mother of his children, Apryl Jones and the pair have openly flaunted their relationship across social media and directly on camera on Love & Hip Hop!

Over the last several months, Omarion has managed to keep his cool and composure in regards to his personal drama. In fact, social media praised him for doing so! But it looks like this move, is checkmate for O and can truly “hit em’ where it hurts!” Not only has O cancelled the bag for his former band mates, he also announced the tour on Fizz’s birthday!

A well executed plan of petty on Omarion’s part, if you ask me!

The singer-songwriter said the tour cities will be announced on Monday, and pre-sale tickets will be available on December 5th! 

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