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Tough break for the rapper but still will see a lighter sentence for his snitching.


Source: @JustInMyView / R1 Digital

Looks like snitching didn’t get Tekashi 69 totally off the hook.

According to TMZ, Judge Paul Engelmayer has denied his counsel’s request to be released and do no time for his crimes with his former Nine Trey Blood friends.

Prosecutors stated during the sentencing hearing on Wednesday that his snitching…testimony, was helpful in locking up many gang members and affiliates. Along with snitching he plead guilty to 9 of racketeering, conspiracy, firearms offenses, and narcotics trafficking.

Tekashi was facing 47 years but the judge gave him 2 years for his cooperation. This is literally the deal of the century! Keep in mind, he has been sitting in the feds while waiting and during the trial. It is exactly 13 months he has been in custody.

The bottom line, 69 will be out late 2020! After his release, he will have a “supervised release for 5 years, and will have to do complete 300 hours community service and pay a $35k fine.”

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