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Keeping our kids safe has become more of a difficult task it seems like in today’s society. Everything is bit scarier, questionable and definitely uncensored. So naturally, its understandable for parents and guardians to be anal about the safety of our children when they’re out in the world and when they are home, comfortable and surfing the web.

Police in Westlake, Ohio are currently warning parents about a website they have found to be dangerous for minors. They want to make all parents aware of the website that promotes itself to “older kids and younger teens.” The site is and adamantly seeks out minors to join in on the more than inappropriate conversations and interactions.

The stranger chat website allows users from all over to register and gives the option to use an email address or to remain anonymous. Also, the site has a disclaimer that states teens must agree to “some important chat rules” before using the site.

Westlake police shared a screenshot from the website which includes some inappropriate exchanges in the chat room. This is exactly why authorities want to warn parents and families about the potentially toxic site.

Westlake police determined the site is “not safe for any child, kid or teen” and advise parents to be consistently aware of what their child is doing on the internet.

For resources to help our children stay safe online, click here for information provided by The Ohio Attorney General’s office.

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