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“I am a father first,” says the rapper who was caught on video pushing a hotel worker.

DaBaby hits the Z107.9 Summer Jam stage!

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Our boy Da Baby has been having to explain a lot of his actions since becoming the hottest rapper in the game. It is always something, arrests, fighting videos and now another video going viral of Baby putting his hands on someone else.

TMZ dropped a video showing the “Bop” rapper pushing down a hotel employee and pointing his finger in his face before walking off. The altercation happened inside the lobby of the Beverly Hills Hotel and was capture all on tape. You can’t hear what was said but Da Baby took to his Instagram to explain his actions.


As shown above, the rapper says he was defending his daughter’s safety after the hotel worker refused to take no for an answer. The worker wanted to take a picture with Baby but the rapper said no due to jeopardizing his and his daughter’s safety. It was then the hotel worker walked away from Baby and was caught trying to sneak a video.

Da Baby’s lawyer is also standing behind his claim that it was self-defense.

“Any actions taken by DaBaby were likely in self defense based upon his recall of the events and until the video is thoroughly reviewed we have no further comment at this time.”

Source: The Shade Room