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The governor agrees with the community that a man has paid enough for his crimes.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine granted Mickey Tate a pardon to help him get the fresh start to make his second chance worth it.

Tate was convicted on drug and gun charges back in 1989. Those charges have followed him for more than 30 years.

In Jan. 2019 the Ohio Parole Board granted him clemency (legal forgiveness from the state) but under the conditions, he goes into treatment for drug abuse or would be ordered to serve 7 years in prison if he failed.

When I went to drug treatment, there were 45 guys in the room,” Tate told 10TV in 2019. “The instructor walked in and said, ‘Statistics say only 1 out of you 45 are gonna stay clean.’ And I said, ‘That’s gonna be me.’ And I haven’t had anything since.”

After completing the treatment, he has been sober, became a father and mentor to young people in the community. With his work in the community, they have had his back along with Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien, former state lawmaker Jim Hughes and his longtime friend and attorney, John Alden to finally be granted a pardon for paying for his crimes and turning his life around.

I don’t know how you could not do anything in the world for this man,” said Alden. “He has burdens that if I had, I would have failed miserably. I look up to him. That’s why I never gave up on him.

Before 2019 was over the Parole Board agreed and recommended a pardon.

Two weeks ago DeWine granted the pardon and you can see it here.

Source: 10TV