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Arkansas high school resource officer, Jake Perry has been “relieved of duty” after video evidence of him putting a student in a chokehold was posted online.

In the video Perry is seen choking a student out so intensely that he lifts the child off the ground. The incident looks to have taken place in the cafeteria or auditorium, with several students witnessing it.

The officer eventually loosens his hold and drags the non-resisting child out the frame with his arm still around the students neck. Following the release of the video, Perry was “relieved of duty pending an investigation.”

Camden Police Chief Boyd Woody sent a statement saying Perry was assigned to the high school as a resource officer, and “a fight between a couple of student{s} broke out.” “Officer Perry intervened and at some point during that is when a student videoed a portion of the incident,” Woody said. The chief immediately ordered a professional standards investigation, and Perry was “was relieved of duty until the completion of the investigation.”

“I take this very seriously and am working as quickly as possible. As the Police Chief, I will not tolerate misconduct from my officers, and this matter will be dealt with accordingly, and I will be transparent in doing so,” Woody said in his statement.

Camden Fairview School District Superintendent Fred Lilly plans to fully cooperate with the police for the investigation. The district will also consider changing school resource officer policies and procedures. “CFSD’s first priority is, and will continue to be, to provide an excellent education to all of our students in a safe environment,” Lilly said.

Source: Baller Alert