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Now, how bad of coach are you if you get fired halfway into your 1st season as head coach, to be honest, it’s a lot like Craig from the movie “Friday” getting fired on his day off for stealing boxes. But no boxes were stolen here just a bad coaching job, and what’s crazy is that John Beilein was a good college coach and although he was a surprise hire by everyone in the league because he had no pro coaching experience people gave him a chance. And about a month into this season Beilein was already in the news for all the wrong reasons when he inadvertently called his players “thugs” during a team meeting. Reports say that Beilein had a problem adjusting to the Pro game and dealing with the HUGE egos that come with the NBA. Full Story Click Here 

The Internet Memes Roasts KD, Warriors & Cavs After Finals Champs [Photos]
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