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As a Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo was hit or miss and seemed to underperform in the biggest games. In Dallas he was beloved and I’m sure even though he never went to a Super Bowl or made it past the first round of the playoffs he will still be inducted into the Dallas Cowboy’s ring of honor. Outside of Dallas Romo had many critics due to the fact that he never showed up in big games and most were ok when the Cowboys made the move from him to Dax Prescott the team current all-star quarterback. When Romo sat out his first year he did some guest spots on a couple of sports shows and helped with a little color commentary during a couple of games and everyone automatically picked up on his uncanny ability to call the plays before they happened it was like he had both teams playbooks. He became one of the most beloved sports analysts since the great John Madden and for him to sign a deal worth more than he was making in the NFL all sports fans can say is well deserved. Full Story Click Here