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She probably will accept your apology and lawsuit after the rapper fails to take responsibility.

The word of the day is “lawsuit.” That is what’s probably going to head to Da Baby lawyer’s desk after he was caught on video slapping a woman at his concert.

The video of the incident went viral, showing the “Bop” rapper hitting a woman after she accidentally hit him in the face with her phone.


Once the spot got hot for Baby he took to his Instagram to try to find different “angles” of the incident and offered $10,000 for any material to pin on the woman.


After that attempt failed he then made another fail apology to the woman but still blaming her.


Now when it comes to the past physical altercation Da Bay had with men in the past I have defended him. However, I will never condone a man to ever think he has any reason to put his hands on a woman. Da Baby knows damn well if that was his daughter that accidentally hit her favorite rapper in the face with her phone to try to take a picture and he slapped her, it would be WWIII.

Many fans are not backing the rapper on this one and are telling him to GROW UP!


Source: The ShadeRoom