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Medical workers are asking the public to demand the government to step up and deliver supplies in order to keep helping the public.

The Ohio State University Hospital

Source: Nia Noelle / Nia Noelle

Can’t stress it enough how grateful I and the people of Ohio are for our healthcare workers who are putting themselves and their health last for all of us. With their sacrifice comes risks that they will also contract the coronavirus.

That’s exactly what happened to a nurse at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center as 10TV reports have tested positive to the COVID-19.

The nurse union says the nurse is being quarantined at home, is doing well and their family is taking the necessary precautions to avoid catching it.

Like many across the country, OSU medical workers and hospitals are not fully supplied and are having to reuse masks daily.

Coronavirus : Inside Laboratory of Montlégia Hospital

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We need adequate access to personal protective equipment, PPE. We need the federal government to fully enact the Defense Production Act powers, and for the Trump Administration to prioritize production of masks and gowns and gloves,” said Rick Lucas, President of the Ohio State University Nurses Organization.

Lucas also is asking the public to contact your local state representative to demand more supplies for healthcare workers.

We really need people to call (their) representatives and put pressure on them to increase production. The homemade masks are not tested to show how much protection they offer. And so we really need the proper equipment to protect ourselves and protect the patients.

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