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There are so many questions about the Stimulus checks that are set to hit Americans bank account as soon as April 13th. Many are wondering will they even get a check from the government to help aid during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Welp according to Buzzfeed lot of Americans are going to miss out on the $1200 checks that are being sent to help them pay bills.

You should double check and make sure you have filed taxes within the past two years! Almost every American with a Social Security Number will be getting a stimulus check, and those that have a direct deposit set up with the IRS will get theirs faster.

The bill authorizes direct payments of $1,200 to every US resident with a Social Security number who makes up to $75,000 per year. Those who make more than that will see smaller checks, and the payments are phased out entirely for incomes over $99,000. The government will also give $500 for every child in the household.

So if you are inside the margin a check should be coming your way. I know I want mines ASAP!

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